2024 Pool Opening Contract Items

Save Money, Time and Gas! Opening YOUR POOL HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER

Simply fill out your requested date in the form below. Once you submit, you can confirm, choose your option and pay via PayPal.

Opening includes: Removing, folding of cover and placing in storage bag. Installing ladders and rails. Replacing all return fittings, steps and swimout jets. Replacing all necessary equipment to filter including plugs, chlorinator and salt cells if applicable. Startup of filter system and liquid shock.

Prices listed below on the right hand side are for standard residential vinyl liner pools, i.e. one pump, one filter, etc. Please call for a quote on commercial and concrete pools.



In-Ground Pool Opening

$275.00 plus tax

Prepaid In Ground Open/Close Contract - Save $50!

$525.00 plus tax

Above Ground Opening

$240 plus tax

Prepaid Above Ground Open/Close - Save $40!

$450 plus tax

Spillover Spa Open (Add to Pool Open if Applicable)

$125 plus tax

Portable Spa Open

$245.00 plus tax

Filter Cleaning (Recommended for DE Filters)

$125.00 plus tax


$185 plus tax

Sand Change

300 lb. filter $295 plus tax| 500 lb. filter $395 plus tax

Filter Size

Salt Cell Cleaning (At Time of Pool Opening)

$65.00 plus tax

Weekly Maintenance

$95 plus tax (per week)

Inital Vacuum At Pool Opening (Up to One Hour)

$185 plus tax

Heater Cleaning

$145 plus tax