Make Your Swimming Dreams a Reality

Fiberglass pool sales in Ocean County and Monmouth County, NJ

Backyard pools can become a focal point of entertainment and summer fun, but you might be hesitant to make such a big investment. Fiberglass pools are affordable and built to high standards. Available in a range of styles and colors, Pool Designs by Poolside works with a leading manufacturer to construct a durable, one-piece, in-ground swimming pool.

The process of installing your pool

When you purchase an in-ground fiberglass pool, a number of steps are necessary before you can start swimming. Though it will be done relatively quickly, installation is an involved process:

  • Measurements are taken
  • Digging is done for the pool's footprint
  • A compacted gravel bed is installed for the pool to rest on
  • The fiberglass pool is lowered into place
  • The pool is filled and the hole is backfilled so the pool remains level
  • Plumbing is connected to ensure it is leak free
  • Decking is completed

With a variety of blues and other colors to choose from, your pool can help reflect your personality. Contact Pool Designs by Poolside today to discover the joy of owning a pool in Ocean County or Monmouth County, NJ


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